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Our custom designed work and access platforms allow safe access around congested areas, over pipework, to plant and equipment as well as to accommodate changes in level.

Bespoke platforms provide A safer alternative to traditional off the shelf methods of access such as ladders or portable access systems.

From simple maintenance platforms to large mobile working platforms, we can design the ideal configuration for your specific requirements. Standard systems provide a maximum platform height of 3m and come with guardrail and toeboard. Self closing gates can also be provided for additional safety when working at height or accessing plant and machinery. Higher platforms include an extra support arm.

  • Bespoke modular platforms
  • Constructed from KEE KLAMP or KEE LITE fittings
  • Available in steel or aluminium
  • Excellent strength and corrosion resistance
  • Complete design and installation service available
  • Comply with recognised standards
  • Minimal on-site disruption
  • No welding or drilling required on site.


Bespoke access platforms are modular in design and constructed from either Kee Klamp® cast iron fittings or Kee Lite® aluminium to provide an extremely robust, secure, corrosion resistant platform.

Constructing the platforms from fittings, rather than fabricating them, allows them to be built quickly and easily on site and gives you the flexibility of adjusting the platform during installation if required, modifying existing platforms to meet new requirements or even replacing fittings that may become damaged.


All of our custom platforms are designed in accordance with the relevant criteria including:

  • EN 1004:2004
  • BS 1139-6:2005
  • PAS 250


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