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The Kee i-bolt® range of safety anchor devices from Roof Edge Fabrications are Class A1 safety anchors designed to provide effective fall protection when carrying out external work such as window cleaning or building maintenance from inside the building.

The range offers a solution for installation in a variety of materials. Ringanka® is available in 3 different sizes for use in brick, concrete and masonry while Keyanka® is a removable, unobtrusive option which allows the eyebolt to be concealed by a flush fitting cover.

  • The Kee i-bolt® range is CE approved to the PPE Directive
  • Range of Class A1 safety eyebolts for use in a range of materials
  • Safe means of access
  • CE approved to the PPE Directive
  • Independently tested at N.E.L. (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, UK)


Installation should comply with the recommendations of BS EN 795 and BS7883. Ideally installation should be carried out by a qualified engineer who is able to ensure that the building’s structure is of sufficient construction to be able to sustain the likely loads imposed when the anchorage point is in use.


The Kee i-bolt® range is manufactured to meet current standards

  • Ringanka® conforms to Class A1 EN 795 and BS 7883
  • Keyanka® conforms to Class A1 EN 795, BS 7883 & ISO 14567


Fall protection systems must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in standards and legislation such as EN 365, EN 795 and BS 7883. Visit our Recertification page to find out more and to watch our short video infographic explaining the importance of annual inspection and recertification.

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