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Ensuring Ladder Safety

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Roof Edge Fabrications’ range of ladder accessories have been designed to offer simple yet effective protection for those working from ladders as recommended by the HSE


Increase the base width of the ladder, preventing it from slipping outwards. The spurs are quick and easy to fix and can be attached at any height position to address the problem of sloping ground and overcome the need for a ‘second man footing.’

Ladder Spurs are manufactured from steel and designed to comply with HSE OC 200/30


Designed to safely access across corners, obstacles, eaves and up onto roof edges. The Stand-Off fits directly to the ladder for increased safety and stability and features a ‘V’ shape which allows the ladder to be positioned away from the wall so that work can be carried out safely around guttering and under eaves.


Manufactured from aluminium and steel and can be retro fitted to most ladders to aid stability on sloping ground up to 15°


A high quality, lightweight ladder used with permanently a fixed harness attachment and wall-tie in to allow work to be carried out dual handed

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