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KeeGuard® Premium provides an innovative and unrivalled approach to guardrail systems. Designed as a modular, free standing edge protection system, a key benefit of KeeGuard® Premium is that it does not require counterweights along the full run of the system. This provides the ideal solution for areas where traditional counterweights are unsuitable such as on roofs with limited space or where potential trip hazards are a concern.

The collective protection system is suitable for both temporary and permanent edge protection applications and features unique 2-part interlocking recycled PVC base weights which have been designed for ease of manual handling. The weights can be split in two to allow a single person to carry then safely, or they can be carried completely assembled by two people using the specially designed moulded handles.

KeeGuard® Premium is fully tested to EN 13374 and can be installed as a permanent or temporary edge protection system on roofs of up to 10° pitch.

  • All KeeGuard Premium components are galvanised for enhanced durability
  • Smaller footprint than traditional counterweighted systems
  • Non penetrative, free standing system
  • Kee Klamp fittings ensure system’s flexibility and strength
  • No waterproofing required
  • Recycled PVS base weights
  • Modular design for ease and speed of installation


KeeGuard® Premium is quick and easy to assemble. Pre-built 1100mm high uprights feature open cup fittings for quick and easy assembly. The uprights are secured into the recycled PVC base weights by galvanised steel collars and set screws which allow variable angle changes of direction. The system allows bay sizes between uprights of up to 3m with 2.2m returns at each end on open ended systems. All railings and uprights are hot dip galvanised to EN ISO 1461 to provide long term resistance to corrosion. Powder coating in Safety Yellow over the galvanised finish is available as an optional extra.

KeeGuard® Premium’s base weight assembly is moulded from recycled PVC in two interlocking halves. Overall dimensions are 550mm square by 161mm deep with a minimum weight of 40kg. Each base foot incorporates a comfortable carrying handle and slots for a toe board if required. The inter-locking design also allows the weights to be stacked for ease of storage and transport.


KeeGuard® Premium guardrail is fully tested and meets or exceeds current rooftop safety requirements.·

  • 13374

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Fall protection systems must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in standards and legislation such as EN 365, EN 795 and BS 7883. Visit our Recertification page to find out more and to watch our short video infographic explaining the importance of annual inspection and recertification.

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