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EN795 Anchors for Life Line Systems

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The POSTANKA range of anchors provide an alternative method of fixing KeeLine® such as when the structure is not suitable for the KeeLine® top fix anchors or when it is preferable to mount directly to the building’s structure, such as on traditional sloping roofs or onto green roofs.

The fabricated anchors are hot dipped galvanised and are designed using a standard calculation programme to the requirements of EN795 Class A2.

  • Designed to the requirements of EN 795 Class A2
  • Alternative to top fix anchors
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Can be designed to suit specific applications
  • Can be used with Ringanka® eyebolt range to form single point anchor points
  • Provides single point attachment for fall protection use and rope access work


Anchors are available in standard sizes but Postanka® anchors can also be designed to suite specific on-site applications.

Type 3 Postanka® is designed to clamp around either a suitable wooden or steel beam and features a solid adjustable height pedestal.

Type 6 Postanka® is designed as a solid pedestal welded to a 15mm thick base plate and is available with a wide range of fixing options.

Standard Postanka® anchors are tapped to take the KeeLine® system, but they can also be used with the Ringanka® eyebolt range when single point anchor points are required for fall protection or rope access.

As the anchor range can be designed for specific applications, it can also be produced for use in conjunction with other products such as Kee Walk® or solar panels.


Postanka® anchors are designed to the requirements of current standards such a:

  • EN 795 Class A2


Fall protection systems must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in standards and legislation such as EN 365, EN 795 and BS 7883. Visit our Recertification page to find out more and to watch our short video infographic explaining the importance of annual inspection and recertification.


Click the image below to watch our video showing Postanka anchors being used with the KeeLine life line system

Postanka and KeeLine
Postanka and KeeLine

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